FD-02 Quick-fit Buckled Type Flood Door

The quick-fit buckled type flood door is an innovative flood barrier product that uses buckled type fixing to overcome the limitations of traditional bolted installation. It not only saves installation time but also provides better fixing effects.

The design incorporates top and side buckled type fixings, which secure the metal flood door panel onto the main and ground tracks with buckling force, resulting in a more secure fixing effect. Additionally, whether using embedded or surface-mounted installation, the quick-fit buckled type flood door can meet various on-site installation conditions to ensure its flood protection effectiveness.

The quick-fit buckled type flood door can be used as flood walls and flood embankments, suitable for various flood-prone areas such as rivers, reservoirs, marine engineering, and water conservancy projects. It has undergone multiple flood tests in practical applications and has achieved excellent flood protection results.



·Passed FM2510 simulated flood impact tests

·Overall flood protection performance meets the FM’s allowable maximum leakage rate of 1L/h/m

·The main track has an added positioning structure, combined with specially designed top and side buckled fixings for the door panel, which improves installation uniformity and reset efficiency compared to traditional bolts, ensuring enhanced flood protection

· The flood door panel has an optimized structure, making it more sturdy and lightweight compared to traditional structures, further increasing flood protection distance and height

·EPDM rubber seals are assembled by insertion with the flood door panel and main track, replacing the traditional adhesive assembly method to avoid seal failure caused by adhesive aging

·The middle support is assembled by joining the left and right main tracks and using diagonal braces, providing a more stable structure and a unified appearance compared to traditional intermediate support designs