UL Firestop Protection Building Certification

Purpose and Value Enhancement

Professional UL qualified firestop installation contractors can apply for UL Firestop Protected Building Certification (MACC) to provide additional value to building owners.


Certificate Issuance Conditions

Provided to building owners by UL qualified professional firestop installation contractors.

Certificate is issued after successful on-site UL audit of the firestop installation contractor’s management system


Function and Guarantee of the Certificate

UL guarantees to the building owner that the correct installation and management processes have been followed at that specific job site.


Validity and Renewal of the Certificate

The certificate needs to be renewed annually.

Renewal is based on a visual inspection of the building conducted by the professional firestop installation contractor.


Compliance Proof and Application

The certificate provides building owners with a tool to present to insurance needs and fire inspection units as evidence of compliance with the annual firestop visual inspection required by international fire codes.