Why Choose UL Qualified Firestop Contractor?

1.Firestop material ≠ firestop system

The installation of firestop is a systematic process, which needs to consider many technical factors to ensure the firestop effect.  The firestop material is only a part of the firestop system, and the function of firestop can be realized by using the UL qualified firestop material. In fact, the design and installation of the firestop system also need to consider the material and fire resistance rating of the wall, the properties of the perforated parts, material, density, width and other detailed information.

2.Strict requirements for the UL qualified firestop contractors

Firestop contractors must fully understand various firestop systems, as well as the requirements and limitations of firestop systems of different brands and construction methods.

Firestop contractors must be sufficiently knowledgeable to judge, design, select and install a firestopping system.

For non-standard situations, the firestop contractor must be able to provide customized solutions that meet the fire-resistant effect according to the actual situation.

The firestop contractor shall purchase corresponding insurance for the construction project, including but not limited to: insurance for construction personnel, project liability insurance required by law, etc.

The system designers of the firestop contractor must pass the qualification exam held by the UL qualification body to assess the use of construction methods.

Firestop contractors must have a quality control system, record and save the technical information of the fireproof sealing system for all projects in order to prepare for regular audit by the UL qualification body.