Flood Prevention: Ancient Wisdom to Modern Tech

Project Introduction

Shanghai Weiwang Technology Co., Ltd. successfully provided FM approved quick-fit buckled type flood door to Fortive Setra Sensor Industrial Control (Tianjin), and conducted strict water pressure spray and water tightness tests in accordance with FM requirements to verify the actual flood prevention performance of the flood prevention doors. This test highlights that the FM approved flood door not only passed rigorous product quality management, but also obtained quality assurance in installation, which is significantly different from other non-FM approved flood products in China.

The legend of the great Yu controlling the floods demonstrates the wisdom and perseverance of ancient China in fighting floods. Yu the Great won the respect and trust of the people with his outstanding flood control projects. Similarly, Weiwang Technology is committed to providing reliable flood prevention solutions for customers through modern technology and strict standards, ensuring the safety of enterprises and residents.

  1. Water Pressure Spray Test
  • Use an outdoor fire hydrant or water pump to conduct a water pressure spray test on the flood prevention door.
  • The flow rate shall not be less than 15.12 L/min, the test distance is 0.3-0.45 meters, and the test duration is 2 minutes.
  • The criterion for judgment is that there should be no water stains on the back of the flood prevention door.

  1. Water Tightness Test
  • Conduct a water tightness test on a flood prevention door with a width of 3.18 meters and a height of 0.4 meters.
  • Use a PVC protective cloth cofferdam, the test time is 15 minutes, and the test water depth is 0.4 meters.
  • The criterion for judgment is that the leakage value is less than 0.95 L, and the actual test result is 0.1 L/15 minutes.



Through this rigorous testing, the high quality and high performance of the FM approved flood door have been fully verified, demonstrating the capabilities of Shanghai Weiwang Technology Co., Ltd. in providing high-quality flood prevention solutions. Just as Yu the Great controlled the floods, Weiwang Technology has established a reputation in the field of flood prevention with its excellent technology and strict testing, ensuring the safety and trust of its customers.