Exciting News! New Quick-fit Flood Door Debuts!

The Quick-fit Buckled Type Flood Door is an innovative flood barrier product that uses buckled fastening technology, eliminating the inconvenience of traditional bolt installation. It aims to provide you with a more efficient and convenient flood protection solution. Whether facing urban flooding or river overflow, the new Quick-fit Buckled Type Flood Door can easily cope, ensuring the safety of your life and property.

Product Highlights:

Outstanding Flood Protection: Successfully passed FM2510 simulated flood scene tests, including impacts from trees or vehicles, meeting the FM’s allowable maximum leakage rate of 1L/h/m, providing a strong protective barrier.

Convenient Installation: Replaces traditional bolts with buckles, simplifying the installation process. Only two people are needed for easy installation and removal, greatly enhancing installation convenience.

Efficient Flood Control: Maximum flood protection height reaches 1.8 meters and can be continuously extended to form a flood wall, ensuring the safety of your surroundings.

Durable and Economical: Made with stainless steel main tracks instead of aluminum alloy, offering greater durability and cost-effectiveness.

Optimized Structure: The flood door panel structure is optimized for increased sturdiness and lightness, further enhancing flood protection distance and height to ensure effectiveness.

The new Quick-fit Buckled Type Flood Door not only boasts an innovative design but more importantly, provides comprehensive protection for your life and property. Whether in medical, food, new energy, data center, or nuclear power plant projects, the new Quick-fit Buckled Type Flood Door offers the strongest flood protection solution, giving you peace of mind!


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